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Online Character Counters

G&WBlog_FBLinkshare-1200x627_WordCounterDo you constantly have trouble with posting to social media sites and keeping within the maximum amount of characters? Having to shorten what you want to say or re-word your sentence all together can be frustrating, 140 characters just never seem to be enough! Many times when we are typing in Twitter or other sites we have to modify what we want to say in order to make our message fit within the restrictions. A word counter is a great resource! There are numerous websites that can help count the characters for you. Check out some of the word counters that G&W find helpful.

Character Counter

Letter Count (This website also gives you the amount of characters allowed for each social media platform)

Letter Counter

Meet Sean

G&WBlog_FBLinkshare-1200x627_HaveYouMetSeanHave you met Sean? Sean is our very talented Graphic Designer. He keeps our clients brands looking consistent and customizes each clients graphics to be exclusive just to them. Learn more about him and our team!

URL Shorteners

Ever find G&W_FBLike-1200x444_URLShortnersyourself trying to post a website link and it’s too long for the amount of characters that you have? Having a shorter URL can also be used for aesthetic purposes. A short and sweet URL can be more pleasing looking than having a sentence long URL. There are many URL shorteners out there that can make life a little easier. There can be certain restrictions or expiration date on the life of the URL so make sure to read all of the fine print. Here are a few URL shorteners that G&W like to use:

Google URL Shortener

Tiny URL



10 Social Media Benefits

G&WBlog_FBLinkshare-1200x627_10SocialMediaBenefitsSocial Media is a rapidly growing marketing outlet. Companies that use social media to market the services they offer and are seeing an increase in website traffic. Using social media in your business marketing plan is highly beneficial in this exceedingly interactive and online-based world. Galvanek & Wahl can customize an online presence for you. We can help create a uniform brand, marketing and website that can show what your company is all about.

“Because it appeared quickly, social media has developed a reputation by some for being a passing marketing interest, and therefore, an unprofitable one. The statistics, however, illustrate a different picture.” To read the full article click here.

Political Website

Galvanek & Wahl creates consistent branding for various clients. Here is a look at a website we created for a political candidate. Get voters involved with a highly engaging political website like this one: