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Restaurant Brand Development

Galvanek & Wahl creates new branding and re-branding for a variety of businesses. Here is a branding we did for a local restaurant. Like what you see? Contact us today to create a consistent and recognizable brand for you.


5 Reasons you aren’t being followed on social media

Are you being followed on social media? Many companies don’t get the most out of each social media platform. Let Galvanek & Wahl maximize your exposure on social media and get more viewers.


“Social media is a great marketing tool allowing organizations to reach audiences and showcase company culture and what they have to offer. However, many companies aren’t seeing the success on social media they’d like.” Read the full article here.

Basics of Branding

Why should you brand your business? Branding is what your clients and potential clients look for from you. It shows your clients what you can and promise to do for them. At Galvanek & Wahl we can help you with a more consistent and recognizable brand. Your brand is your company so let us help you get it right for you. We have found a great article that can help you to understand a little bit more of why branding is important for your business. Read it here.



And the Award goes to…Galvanek & Wahl Advertising, Summit Marketing effectiveness award

G&W received the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for the national branded Lupus Together campaign. G&W spearheaded the development of the Lupus Together brand and once incorporated into the website it successfully increased traffic on the Lupus Trials website from 200 views per month, to 5,000 views per month. The Lupus Together brochure successfully added to the campaign, increased awareness among the lupus community and increased clinical trial participation.




Galvanek & Wahl was hired to develop a national lupus clinical trials awareness campaign for the Lupus Research Institute and the SLE Lupus Foundation.

The campaign was developed to target physicians who treat lupus, patients diagnosed with lupus and family and friends affected by the disease.

The campaign sought to raise awareness about clinical trials for lupus in order to gather information on treatments, prevention, and a cure.

Galvanek & Wahl spearheaded the development of the Lupus Together brand and once incorporated into the website it successfully increased traffic on the Lupus Trials website ( from 200 views per month, to 5,000 views per month. The Lupus Togethe brochure successfully added to the campaign, increased awareness among the lupus community and increased clinical trial participation. G&W received the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for the national branded Lupus Together campaign.

Scope of Work:
Campaign name development “Lupus Together for Clinical Trials Today”.
Brand Development of “Lupus Together”
Brochure Creation: Creative Layout for 4 panel brochure, front in English and back in Spanish
Poster/Outdoor Advertising: Physician/Practice Posters and print collateral
Website Development: and

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

G&WBlog_FBLinkshare-1200x627_FacebookAdvertisingAlways ask followers to LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT in Facebook for higher engagement, right?  Not necessarily. Your content should be naturally engaging, not a requirement.  Try using Facebook Advertising to make sure your naturally engaging content is seen by the right people.

“Could you use more traffic to your blog? Have you considered Facebook ads? To get the most out of your Facebook marketing efforts, Facebook ads can help drive quality traffic to your blog content.” To read the whole article click here.



Low Cost Stock Images

At Galvanek & Wahl we help companies re-brand from designing a new logo to a complete takeover of social media sites, website and more. We have a very talented graphic designer that designs our graphics for our clients blogs, ads and posts but to help out with stock images we like to use these low-cost stock image sites. Check them out!

photoclub graphicstock istock


Political Campaign Website


In today’s political environment, campaigns need to make an impact online.  Custom, interactive web design is more affordable than ever.  Improve your campaign with a content-managed website like this one. Galvenek & Wahl can make a political website for you just like this one. Contact us today!



Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Gogoogleogle’s online program that helps you advertise your business. This program can help you reach new customers and help to make your company grow. Making sure that you are using the most effective words in your AdWord search campaign will help to get more traffic to your website which will increase your business. We have linked below a User’s Guide to starting and running Google AdWords. It will help you get started and get you more clicks to website.

Check it out here.


Bundle your Brand

G&W_FBLinkshare-1200x627_BrandingPackagesAt Galvanek & Wahl we offer bundling for re-branding your business. From creating a new logo to a complete overhaul of all aspects of your business, let us help. Keeping your social media sites up to date and with regular posts will help get your business out to the customers that you want, as well as keep the customers that you currently have. We can handle your logo, social media, ad runs, graphics, copy writing and more. Let us get started for you.