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Social Media Benefits

G&W_FBLinkshare-1200x627_BenefitsSocialMarketingAre you on social media for your business? Many think that it’s just a passing trend, a fad, something that will be obsolete soon so why waste the time and money on advertising? Businesses that use social media notice that there is more traffic to their website than those who don’t use social media. One of the problems attached to social media is that it isn’t used to it’s highest potential. Not knowing how to use social media to obtain the most for your business is where many go wrong.

“Because it appeared quickly, social media has developed a reputation by some for being a passing marketing interest, and therefore, an unprofitable one. The statistics, however, illustrate a different picture. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important for their business…” Read More

Have You Met Sarah?

G&W_FBLinkshare-1200x627_HaveYouMetSarahLet us introduce you to Sarah, our Social Media Specialist/Project  Coordinator. Sarah joined the G&W team in early 2015 as an intern but her role has grown. Making sure that clients’ ads and posts are scheduled and seen is a big part of her position in our company. She also coordinates tasks and projects to make sure that everything gets done on time. Learn more about her and the rest of our team here at G&W!

Why You Need A Responsive Website


In today’s world of mobile devices, having a responsive website is extremely important. When future customers/clients pull up your website on their mobile phone, iPad etc. the screen should look seamless. If the format is only fit for a computer or laptop, scrolling and searching is difficult and most people will leave your site and try to find one that is responsive and easier to read and navigate. Your bounce rate is how long someone is on your website. You want your visitors to stay on your website longer to see what you can do and the services that you offer. If they can’t do that easily they will “bounce” out. Here is an article that outlines just how important having a responsive website is to businesses.

“It’s probably no surprise by now that mobile internet usage has been skyrocketing over the last few years. According to a Morgan Stanley report, mobile internet usage is expected to match desktop usage by 2014. Even with this compelling evidence, the vast majority of business websites are still not mobile-friendly. This is not only causing a headache for users, but also a loss in business opportunity.” Read More

Online Character Counters

G&WBlog_FBLinkshare-1200x627_WordCounterDo you constantly have trouble with posting to social media sites and keeping within the maximum amount of characters? Having to shorten what you want to say or re-word your sentence all together can be frustrating, 140 characters just never seem to be enough! Many times when we are typing in Twitter or other sites we have to modify what we want to say in order to make our message fit within the restrictions. A word counter is a great resource! There are numerous websites that can help count the characters for you. Check out some of the word counters that G&W find helpful.

Character Counter

Letter Count (This website also gives you the amount of characters allowed for each social media platform)

Letter Counter